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4 x 5min rounds
Turkish Get-Ups (12.5kg/27.5lb)

I felt strong, coordinated and flexible…at least a lot more than I usually do!

It felt so good to be back in the gym, but a little sad as this was the last time I could attend the morning crossfit. my days, hours and everything about my job is stressing and upsetting me, I think I need to quit. It’s been long enough, my mental health has to come first before I run out of time but I haven’t got anything to move on to.

things have been rough lately, so yesterday I used all the courage I could muster to go and see my doctor & seek help for this depression.
I won’t go into all the details but basically he was very condescending the entire time, told me ‘socialising is the best anti depressant, just go out with your friends’ and although I refused to be weighed he made assumptions and as I was leaving he was kind enough to inform me that I’m now fat and overweight (according to BMI).

I spent much of the evening very upset and outraged. Yes, I have gained weight. But BMI is outdated and by no means a measure of health or happiness, it was also entirely irrelevant to the situation and while he has record of my history with eating disorders was incredibly insensitive.

It’s a good thing that I am stronger than he will probably ever have to be, and despite all circumstances I spent this morning enjoying one of my favourite breakfasts in the fresh air and have no intentions of listening to a single word that giant pumpkin (I hate pumpkin) told me.

I have a life to be living!

my first two days off have been made so so beautiful. filled with hope and joy and many friends. coffee dates with so much laughter. people making an effort to become closer. anticipation of a visit from a lovely friend. planning holidays and adventures for early September. spa and swimming. visiting my sweet Nana. a trip to the library. and rest. much needed rest.

I have to fight to hold onto these moments. to not fall back in the trap of old behaviours. Back at work tomorrow & I’m going to try fitting my gym workout in immediately after. staying hopeful I can find a new job soon.

motivation is so hard to come by when I’m working the 6am dayshift but this afternoon I managed to complete a workout & felt much better for it.

20-19-18-17-16…..5-4-3-2-1 burpees & situps

my final time was 24.48, which was a bit disappointing but I wasn’t surprised, I know I have higher energy levels in the morning. and for a total of 210 burpees and situps. I also held a 210 second plank. I might not notice my body changing but I am forever getting stronger mentally and physically and I’m proud of how far I’ve come.



Who wants to go lunge in the rain with me?




Who wants to go lunge in the rain with me?


would you like a random visitor this weekend??? if you're home of course =)

from Anonymous

I know who you are… (at least I think I do) I’m working Sunday. but ummm… perhaps contact me not anonymously?

a good good day today. but I need to learn to take things slower. don’t rush. things never got this way overnight, I can’t expect them to heal overnight either. progress will happen. but there is no shame in recognizing limits. in resting when I need rest. and in leaving when I need to leave. being alone doesn’t need to mean lonely. but goodness am I ever thankful for the beautiful friends who are a blessing in all seasons of my life.

so uh….just casually deadlifted 77.5kg yesterday morning ;)
(previous personal best was 50kg)

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